SPF Record Checker

De SPF Surveyor is een diagnostisch SPF-hulpmiddel dat een grafische weergave van de SPF-records geeft. De grafische weergave stelt mensen in staat om snel te identificeren welke servers geautoriseerd zijn om namens een domein te verzenden. (Let op: dit diagnostische hulpmiddel richt zich op authenticatie op domeinniveau en negeert grotendeels de SPF-onderdelen die betrekking hebben op de lokale delen van e-mailadressen).

Waarom een SPF-check / SPF-zoekopdracht uitvoeren?

  • Om na te gaan of uw SPF-record correct is gepubliceerd
  • Om fouten in de opmaak van uw record te voorkomen, die kunnen leiden tot problemen met de afleverbaarheid van e-mails
  • Om eventuele discrepanties met betrekking tot uw SPF-record te achterhalen

Meer over het aanmaken en toevoegen van een SPF-record leest u hier.

Voor meer details over de SPF-syntaxtabel klikt u hier.

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DNS queries to resolve the mechanism / modifier

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DNS-querying mechanisms / modifiers to resolve the record

This record is considered broken and can be fixed by reducing the number of DNS-querying mechanisms / modifiers. To learn how to address the "Too many DNS" issue, see

This record utilizes a considerable number of DNS-querying mechanisms / modifiers. Attention should be paid to determine if that number should be reduced.

This record utilizes a small number of DNS-querying mechanisms / modifiers. No fixing is required. If this record is meant to be included by other records, consider reducing the number of DNS-querying mechanisms / modifiers (if possible) to keep total resource consumption low.

This record utilizes no DNS-querying mechanisms / modifiers. There are no efficiency gains to be made in terms of reducing the number of DNS queries.

Learn more about SPF mechanisms / modifiers.

netblocks are authorized

individual IPv4 addresses

Authorized netblocks produce SPF "pass" results (as opposed to "neutral", "fail", or "softfail").

Duplicate netblock authorization

The following netblocks have been authorized more than once. Duplicates usually indicate inefficient records or redundant "include" mechanisms, and should be removed.

Record flattening

The dmarcian SPF Record Flattener rewrites this record by removing duplicate netblocks, collapsing any overlapping netblocks, and using 0 DNS-querying mechanisms / modifiers. Each SPF record is kept to less than 512 bytes to fit into a single UDP packet (assuming no other TXT records are sharing the DNS label).
This approach is considered experimental and should not be used without careful monitoring. By flattening a record, you will not receive changes that come from "include" unless you track them yourself and manually update the record. If you do not have a complete understanding of what this means, do not use this.

NOTE: this approach does not take into account administrative or domain boundaries, and is meant to show that "minified" SPF records are possible. The presence of unusual qualifiers, macros, and creative semantics will likely yield less than optimal results.

Congratulations! Your SPF record is valid.

High five! Your SPF record is valid, but...

Warning! Your SPF record is valid, but...

There is something wrong with your SPF record.

No SPF Record for this domain.

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